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General Prices: £18

Duration: 7pm

No 60 Food Lovers Club

No 60’s new Food Lovers Club is all about celebrating the dishes and flavours that leave a lasting impression, the ones that once tasted are never forgotten. We might focus on a specific cooking style, explore international dishes, or celebrate local produce. Each month we will choose a different theme for you sink your teeth into.

Street Food Inspired Dinner

Did you know that fish and chips can trace its origins to a time when it too was a humble street food?

Join us on the corner of Dovecot Street and Prince Regent Street for our May instalment of No 60’s Food Lovers Club where we will be pulling out all the stops to bring you our favourite street foods from around the world.

These dishes may not have found their way to Britain’s shores to become the national institution that fish and chips has, but that’s no reason to ignore these foods that have captured their home nations’ hearts to the point that in many cities you’ll find these delicacies on any street corner.

For this event our team reminisced about their favourite street food experiences to bring you their very own street food inspired menu. Expect a global feel to the plethora of delights being served as you join the 2.5 billion people who feast on street food every day.

In order to reduce food waste and our impact on the environment pre-booking is essential for all of our food events.