We encourage artists to spend time in Stockton, to find out more about our local community. Appropriate accommodation is hard to find in the area, is often expensive and involves additional travel.

Since 2016, we have rented a house in Stockton which means we can provide self-catering accommodation for artists working with us.

The ARC House is 0.8 miles from ARC, in the Bowesfield area of the town.

Each bedroom has two single beds and we ask companies to share rooms where appropriate. Other artists may be staying in the house at the same time, but we only ask you to share rooms with members of your own company!

Unfortunately, the ARC House isn’t wheelchair accessible, as it is a three storey town house. If you are a wheelchair user we will find alternative accessible accommodation for you and a colleague at our cost.

If you have any other access requirements, please let us know.