ARC is part of Fun Palaces 2014, a free, nationwide celebration of arts, culture and sciences marking the 100th birthday of Joan Littlewood. Fun Palaces 2014 brings to life the vision she created with Cedric Price for spaces linking arts and sciences, entertainment and education, a campaign of culture at the heart of all of human life.

On Sunday 5 October ARC will become a Fun Palace filled with … erm … well, we don’t really know yet, that’s up to you!

We want to hear from you if you would like to take over a bit, all or some of ARC! The only thing we ask is that it is something local, free and that everyone can get involved with (in some way or another) and most importantly that it is FUN!

We have got a cinema, three performance spaces, workshop rooms, a professional dance studio, bright foyers – and we need you to fill them up and make them great!

Maybe you want to put on your own music festival, teach people how to do something new, or you don’t really know yet but you know you want in on the action!

Fun Palaces belong to everyone and can be created by anyone. Each is driven by the five key principles that underpinned Joan Littlewood’s vision:

Fun Palaces are FREE
Fun Palaces are LOCAL, with community involvement, engagement and participation at heart
Fun Palaces are INNOVATIVE, finding new ways to bring the arts, culture and sciences together
Fun Palaces are TRANSFORMATIVE, intending to transform the place/spaces they take place in: they transform the makers, and they transform the participants
Fun Palaces are ENGAGING: Fun Palaces are about full participation. Sitting and listening is fine, as long as they also include opportunities to have a go

Stockton, show us what you have got!

If you would like to get involved in any way then we want to hear from you. Get in touch with Amy on 01642 525186 or email Amy Taylor.