ARC’s Work with LGBT+ Communities Receives Recognition from Hart Gables

ARC Stockton has a successful and established relationship with LGBT+ communities throughout the Tees Valley and with a number of LGBT+ performers from across the region.

This relationship was recognised earlier this year, when ARC achieved a finalist’s place in Hart Gables’ annual LGBT+ Alliance Awards.

Hart Gables is a Stockton-based support service for those who identify as LGBT+ across the Tees Valley area. Their LGBT+ Alliance Awards were established last year to celebrate the work and achievements of local services and individuals. The Awards also bring communities together and recognise those who are making a difference.

ARC was shortlisted in the category ofPositive impact on under-represented people within LGBT+ communities.’

ARC’s relationship with LGBT+ communities has included the following activities:

  • Offering the largest performance space, The Point, free for the transgender community to mark the annual global Transgender Day of Remembrance each November.
  • Making spaces available for the local transgender community to meet regularly in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • Offering transgender training to all staff.
  • Curious Arts work across the North East to develop projects and events which explore and celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer culture through the arts. They are one of ARC’s partner organisations and present performances there annually. Previously they have also presented films and an exhibition. Earlier this year they also delivered LGBTQIA+ training to all of ARC’s staff.
  • Performances from artists have included Bonnie and the Bonnettes, Melody Sproates, Edalia Day, Matt Miller, Mother’s Ruin, Bordello Collective

Chloe Lawrence Programmes Manager at ARC said: “We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the Heart Gables ‘Positive impact on underrepresented people within LGBT + communities’ award, we are committed to serving the LGBT+ communities in Stockton on Tees and very proud to have been able to work with LGBT+ artists, organisations, groups and participants.”

Sian Parker from Hart Gables said: “ARC Stockton has shown a continuous commitment to showcasing LGBT+ arts and artists over the years. We are proud to present them as a finalist for the LGBT Alliance Awards 2021. The team have actively got involved in supporting LGBT+ artists by going above and beyond to support their shows and craft: providing honest feedback, continuous communication and a safe open platform. ARC has strong partnerships within the LGBT+ community, such as Curious Arts, and has exceeded by actively investing in supporting diverse representation and providing a safe location for members of the LGBT+ community to meet on a regular basis. Congratulations ARC!”