August Staff Picks

Hayley Pink
Marketing Apprentice

In August I’m most excited to see Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. For as long as I can remember my mam would soundtrack her Spring cleaning with music from the 1960’s (her favourite era), Martha Reeves was a particular favourite of hers. This year my mam celebrated her 60th birthday and her main present from me is two tickets to this show, we’re both really excited to spend some time together listening to music that we both love.
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas is also the pick of Gill Adams, ARC’s Every Child Campaign Manager, who won a contest by dancing along to Jimmy Mack when she was 13. 


Holly Gallagher
Young Peoples Programme Coordinator

Toy Story 4 would be my pick for August! I’ve already seen it, and it’s amazing, so it’s a recommendation from me. I think that my second pick would be the Craft Beer Collective, which sounds like a great way to finish off the Summer holidays!