CEO Weekly Blog – w/c 13 Jan

wc - 13 Jan.jpg

Here and Now partner venues – Cast, Doncaster.

The first full week back at work and it was a busy one. I spent a day in London meeting amazing artists as part of our Future Arts Centres’ Here and Now project, a day in Newcastle with University academics and artists, discussing all things audience-related, and one in Doncaster with marketing teams from our Here and Now partner venues. In between, I worked on the earliest stages of a new project funding application, inducted a new member of staff, helped finalise plans for a regional event, resolved a complaint, chaired a finance committee meeting for a company I’m on the board of, and watched my inbox fill back up after a few weeks of keeping it under control. I also spent time in the company of two brilliant neuro-diverse women.

2020 has already provided the range and breadth of activities that are the reason I love my job so much.

Reminding myself of the purpose of this blog, to reflect more, I tried to imagine what key themes I would draw out from the week.

Kindness is probably the one that is most uppermost in my mind. We can all be kinder, and it feels very important in today’s world to remember that, on a personal level, this is within our control. Clarity is another – the need to be clear about what we want as well as what we are doing. Remembering the why, and communicating this – making sure we, and other people, know why we are doing things. Using normal everyday language, not being afraid to ask people what they need, empathy, and the best advice I heard all week: when things are tough and you reach the point you can’t help yourself any more, reach out and help someone else.

These are all things I hope to take through the next 12 months, and it feels great to have gathered them in my thoughts in the first week of the year.

What are your themes for 2020?