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Club night planning

November 2015

Club night planning

In the very busy world of Cultural Shift we have brought disabled people together to plan for our first club night, due to take place on Saturday 5 December. In a very exciting voting process the name selected for the Club was Arctic Piranha and our first theme is Snow and Ice, which is perfect for the time of year. We had two planning meetings and seven workshops to prepare, with various groups contributing – Our Version of Events is a local user-led organisation, and Full Circle, 45 Days and our ARC-eology groups all made decisions about the club night and also made decorations, props and even an Arctic Piranha Song was made with musician Keith Mills.

The planning group were to make decisions about all aspects of the event. A playlist was carefully selected but this did take lots of discussion and compromise as you can imagine – there’s a whole world of music out there! And we wanted live acts too – so The Hip Hoppers and Feisty Girls were invited and then we got news that Aukestra were able to re-arrange their schedule and come along too. They chose a menu of pizza slices, popcorn, fruit skewers and muffins, and selected ingredients for an Arctic Piranha Cocktail and Mocktail.

We knew we had to make a giant piranha somehow and Richie came up with a brilliant design. Everyone, literally everyone even ARC staff, helped to make snowflakes for us to hang from the lighting rig. We even made an iceberg for the DJ Station.

We might be wrong but we don’t think anything on this scale has been attempted in the Tees Valley before.

We were delighted to be approached by the Stay Up Late Campaign, which believes that learning disabled people should be supported to lead the lifestyles they choose, who want to know how we get on and also helped to promote the event through their social media and website. Thank you to them and to everyone who took part.

We met every week come rain or shine, and even though the event took place when Storm Desmond was raging we still had a really good turnout.