Creative youngsters invite learning disabled people to glitzy club night

An innovative and creative group of young learning disabled people who take part in a range of activities here at ARC, are proving that they are the next generation of event planners after setting up a brand new club night for learning disabled people.

After deciding there was a lack of opportunities for learning disabled people to dance, meet new people and have some social drinks, members of the 45 Days to Find My Way came up with the idea of a new night club event specifically for disabled people.

The group organised their first successful club night in December, named Arctic Piranha which proved to be a great a success. The group created decorations, suggested cocktail recipies and created music playlists for the event. 

The group are now busy preparing for the next Arctic Piranha club night on Saturday 2 April which has a glamourous Hollywood theme, and they are hoping more young learning disabled people wil come along and join them and get dressed up for the glamourous theme.

Emily Wilkinson, 20, who is a member of 45 Days to Find My Way will be performing at the event, she said:

“I enjoy putting on performances and projects for the ’45 Days To Find My Way’ group because I enjoy showing people what I, as a learning disabled person, can do!  Arctic Piranha is completely designed and led by learning disabled people, supported by the team at ARC Stockton”.

Vici Wreford-Sinnott, Disability Agent of Change at ARC, commented: “The learning disabled people we work with are full of ideas, and they amaze us with their determination to take their place in the world. Last month a group performed a flash mob on Stockton High Street, as a gift to the people of Stockton. The response was amazing, so they have agreed to perform it again at the Club Night.”

Arctic Piranha and 45 Days are both part of a three year funded project called Cultural Shift, which aims to challenge the way disabled people are viewed and the stigma around disability.

Emily continued: “When we perform or put on a project, like the club night, we are breaking down the barriers that hold us back. We prove that Learning Disabled people do have talent in different ways, and even though there are some things we can’t do, we do excel in other places. ’45 Days’ has also given me more confidence in myself” and it’s great to see that Emily and others are sharing that confidence and creativity to make a world of difference to the community.”

Arctic Piranha takes place Saturday 2 April, 7.30pm-10.30pm and tickets are £3.00 with companions free.

Tickets are available from ARC’s Box Office on 01642 525 199, you can also book online via the webpage.