Visual artists Dave Allinson and Michelle Tripp have presented three digital art installations in ARC’s Theatre since their association began in 2011, and have also exhibited their work in Boho, Middlesbrough to mark the end of a Digital City Fellowship. The top spaces of the three towers hosted a multimedia collage of installation, projections, and a play set fifty years into the future with live streaming from virtual and real locations.

Beginning with their opera, Stream at Teesside University in 2002, the experience provided Dave and Michelle with a strong foundation to build upon and multi-dimensional work has since become an integral part of their journey of performance based installations, exhibitions, film and experimental theatre in both real and virtual spaces. This has developed a narrative that now stretches from the Tees Valley to regions of geological international significance.

Whitespace was an experimental installation around the structure of waves, shown at ARC in 2010, following which Dave and Michelle secured Arts Council funding for a three day residency working with choreographer Neville Campbell and professionally trained dancers for Level 1 (in development). A six month residency in an old weaver’s cottage high in the North Yorkshire moors provided the inspiration behind their third installation The Cottage

Previous Installations
Whitespace (Jan 2011)
Level 1 (in development) (Oct 2011)
The Cottage (Jan 2012)

“This is a great opportunity to showcase our work because the set up and technical support has allowed us to work with the installation in a duration you would normally only have at larger arts galleries. The space is ideal as we were able to explore the heights of the suspended cubes and it has also provided different vantage points with the various theatre entrances.” Dave Allinson on Whitespace