Along with Saltburn-based Little Cog disability theatre, we have created a brand new course for deaf and disabled artists.

The course explores the role of theatre directing and is in association with the prestigious Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme.

Deaf and disabled writers, film-makers and actors have come together from across the North East to take part in this lively interactive course aimed at increasing opportunities for disabled people in arts training.

The course has been designed by Vici Wreford-Sinnott, who is the Creative Lead for Cultural Shift at ARC and Artistic Director of Little Cog Theatre Company, which specialises in innovative and dynamic disability theatre.

Vici said: “There just aren’t the same opportunities for disabled people to take part in arts training and particularly not into leadership roles and key decision making roles in theatre, so we’re delighted that the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme has recognised our work in this way and is supporting our course.”

The practice-led programme is taking place over ten half days between September and December 2016. Five deaf and disabled theatre makers will be introduced to practical directing skills, disability aesthetics, and page to stage workshops as well as taking part in discussions and practical sessions with visiting actors and directors.

Participants will look at key theatre practitioners and directors who have made a lasting impact on the development of modern theatre, and also explore the legacy created by some of the country’s leading disability theatre practitioners such as Graeae, Vital Xposure, Fittings, Deafinitely Theatre and individuals like Liz Carr, Nabil Shaban and Julie McNamara.

Vici added: “The course is now well underway and the artists are busily engaged in looking at why directors choose to make the theatre they make, what drives them and how they bring their ideas to life.”

Vici continued:”It’s fantastic to see the impact that the Cultural Shift programme is having in creating new opportunities for disabled people in the arts. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to design this brand new course and deliver it here at ARC – we must definitely celebrate the skills we have in our area.”
There will be various opportunities to continue professional development such as creating a career path case study and a professional development plan, as well as the opportunity to take part in other artistic activities from the Cultural Shift programme.

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