Dementia Supportive Screenings in Association with TDLS

We’re incredible proud to announce that we have a new partnership with TDLS to increase access to cinema for those living with dementia.


Together with Teesside Dementia Link Services, we have agreed a new partnership which will see more screenings becoming accessible to those living with dementia in our 131-seat cinema, with support staff supplied by Teesside Dementia Link Services. The agreement will see TDLS provide support staff at selected screenings in our evening programme, with dates being announced as films are put on sale. These dementia supportive screenings will have staff on hand to provide additional assistance for those purchasing tickets at Box Office, helping customers find their seats, and providing a general welcome to those attending.

TDLS service users will also play a role in selecting previous releases to bring back from recent years or even older titles for screenings on the third Tuesday afternoon of every month. Following a successful first screening at the end of October, further screenings have already been announced including Bohemian Rhapsody on Tuesday 15 November at 2pm,and White Christmas on Tuesday 20 December at 2pm.

Our normal companion tickets policy, which provides those attending screenings and events to support somebody with access requirements with a free ticket, will also apply for these screenings. This is to enable those living with dementia that require the assistance of a companion or carer to go out to the cinema to do so without having to pay an additional cost.

Our chief executive, Annabel Turpin said “We’re really pleased to be working more closely with TDLS. We’ve had an ambition for some time now to improve our provision for those living with dementia, and now we’ve been able to welcome their cinema groups to ARC on a few occasions we’re really excited to see what we can accomplish together through this collaboration.”

Gail Walker, CEO of TDLS said “We at TDLS are very excited and proud to be working with ARC on this new Dementia supportive classic cinema project. Our main aim as a charity is to show you can live a good life with Dementia and still be part of the community and enjoying a good social life and meeting new friends and experiencing new experiences or experiences not enjoyed for many years, this is achieved through the 37 services we currently offer.

This new service will complement our existing evening cinema club that meets to see current new films offered at ARC. Cinema offers a special experience allowing people with Dementia to relive old memories and emotions, it can be so uplifting and with a social meeting added in the mix it makes for a very positive experience for the carer too. As this will be run as a standard cinema experience it will add to the authenticity of the experience but with the added support if needed for those attending.”


For more information about TDLS, check out their website here.