Una is coping, but only just. On her way to Aunt Thelma’s she has a panic attack and gets off the crowded bus to calm down and collect her thoughts, but finds herself stranded in a place at once familiar and strange. She is a castaway in an urban limbo-land where her memories and imaginings rear up like ghostly reflections of the rain washed street, gradually revealing the currents of desire, longing, guilt, fear, regret and hope she usually manages to keep locked up inside her.

Told in a wild and wide ranging monologue, contrasting poetic lyricism with hard gritty realist script, The Dust of The Street’s Shining peels back the layers of Una’s personality and her sense of identity, until Setting and Self start to merge into a symbiotic relationship of endless projections and reflections. But is the relationship mutual or parasitic? Will she find her way back through the cracks in the pavement?

This is Alice Through the Looking Glass, Dorothy in Oz, and the unnamed narrator of The Yellow Wallpaper mixed together one rainy evening on a contemporary Northern high street.

Developed in association with ARC Stockton, Cultural Shift and Little Cog.

This performance will be BSL interpreted.

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