The brief: A Celestial Celebration

For Enchanted Parks 2014, we want to celebrate the cosmos, look upwards to the heavens and find inspiration in the constellations and the inconceivably vast spaces in between.

Artists could take their lead from astronomy and the scientific study of the wonders and mysteries of the universe: stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, blackholes, the big bang, gravity, navigation by the stars, the moon’s influence on the tides. You could explore ancient explanations for the celestial bodies. Are the stars suspended from black threads? Is the sky a rigid crystal dome? Is the sun a ring of fire seen through a vent?

Alternatively, artists might choose to dig into the rich mythology of the universe and the detailed stories of the constellations from across the world and throughout time: the Chinese Rabbit who lives in the Moon pounding the ingredients for the elixir of life; the Egyptian sky goddess Nut who swallowed the sun every evening and gave birth to it again every morning; the South African explanation of the Milky Way as the place where lightning rests; the Greek stories of the Zodiac constellations including Castor and Pollux (Gemini) and the Golden Ram / Fleece (Aries).

To download the full Enchanted Parks 2014 Artist Brief, click here