Fighting fit to fight the slump

There may still be contention about just how much exercise, how often and how intense is recommended for optimum health, but one message remains clear: it is important to find a fitness regime you enjoy, otherwise the motivation to get up and go, gets up and, well…goes.

ARC continues to offer a wide range of enjoyable, varied, and reasonably priced fitness-based and enjoyable activities for all age ranges to keep participants physically and mentally stimulated, thereby avoiding the dreaded plateau!
Old favourites such as Tai Chi, Silver Shapers, Ballroom and Latin and Junior and Senior Street Dance are still maintaining their popularity, and for those wanting to shake up the schedule with a new activity, there are one-off contemporary dance classes, covering a series of techniques, as well an opportunity for some high-flying strength work in Upswing’s aerial dance workshops this January.

And if you decide that breaking into a sweat still really isn’t your thing, there are many other ways to get out and enjoy a new skill at ARC. Depending on what class, you may even find some stair climbing sneaked in!

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