Five Questions with Gary Meikle

Comedian Gary Meikle holding a microphone and laughing, beside him are the words Gary Meikle 2.5

Scottish comedian Gary Meikle is fresh from his USA tour, and about to embark on his latest UK tour Gary Meikle 2.5. Gary will be performing at ARC for the third time on Thursday 20 April, and we managed to sit down with him to ask a few questions. You can read the full interview below.

You’ve been on the comedy circuit since 2014, what inspired you to give stand-up a try?

I got into comedy by chance, so many told me I should try it but I see myself as more daft and aloof than funny. I wrote jokes for about six months non-stop before getting up on stage, after that 1st but pathetic attempt I was hooked.

Are there any comedians, past or present, who influence you?

There’s only one and it’s the obvious one, the big yin! No one has of will ever come close to him in my eyes he’s the god of comedy – Sir Billy Connelly!

As well as your stand-up comedy you’ve also become well known for your viral videos, can you remember your first video that went viral and what that was like?

My 1st video was a rant about my daughters eyebrows which, to this day is responsible for putting me where I am. It’s been seen by over 2 billion people and changed my life overnight.

A lot of your material centres around you being a single parent and young grandad. Not only did you raise your daughter as a single parent, you’re also a huge part of your granddaughters life, what’s it like having three generations under one roof?

They bully me unconsciously, I have no say in what happens in or out my household and I’m bound to their demands, even when I say no, I change my mind within minutes because dad guilt is real – they make me happy though so I accept whatever my fate may be.

Finally, what can audiences expect from your third show, Gary Meikle 2.5?

More brutal honesty about my life and stories from Thailand, soft-play, moving out, my very clever and pre mediated granddaughter and so much more.

Tickets for Gary Meikle 2.5 are on sale now, book yours here.