Heard and not seen

After I was transformed, for a time I lived on the streets. I slept in bus terminals. I slept on park benches. I even spent one night in a Travel Lodge.
How I longed for the cold steel bench of the bus terminal that night. 

Joseph Welles is a scientist studying skin. When an experiment goes awry, Joseph finds himself transformed into an invisible man. Pursued by military forces determined to know his secret, Joseph goes on the run and vows to cure himself. His body fading away, his sense of self leaving him, Joseph must find somewhere to work before his condition consumes him. But even an invisible man can’t hide forever. Where can Joseph go? Who can he trust? Will his bandaged face make him look like Mr Bump?
All these questions and more will be partially addressed in: The Trials of an Invisible Man.

A comic adventure combining spoken word, stand-up comedy and theatre and paying affectionate homage to HG Welles’ character and to classic science fiction and horror movies, The Trials of an Invisible Man sees the invisible man facing his own inner torment, ghosts from his past and a giant Komodo dragon.

The Trials of an Invisible Man is written and performed by Mike Edwards. Mike performed at ARC last year, to sell-out crowds, as sensitive Grim Reaper Dominic Statton in the comic and poignant The Life and Deaths of Dominic Statton.

• ARC and Mike Edwards present The Trials of an Invisible Man at ARC from  Thur 13 – Sat 15 Dec at 7.45pm. Tickets are priced F: £8.50 C: £6.50 and can be purchased here.