Heart to art with Hannah Nicklin and her Dad

A Conversation with my Father, coming to ARC on Thursday 3 April explores fear, grey areas, them and us, duty, and standing up to a project that you think matters.

As the audience are drawn into a wider conversation based on Hannah’s experiences as a protester and those of her father’s as a policeman controlling riots, they are not asked to take sides take, but rather witness a conversation between a daughter and father, who is proud of her, which also happens to expose the problems with the idea of ‘sides’ in the first place.

The show was developed in early 2013 with the support of ARC Stockton, Sheffield Theatres, Embrace Arts, Third Angel and an Arts Council England Grants for the Arts award. Work in progress showings have been seen at The Little Festival of Everything, Hatch: Scratch, Contact Theatre’s Flying Solo festival and The Junction’s Sampled Festival.

A production of simple and lasting power.

– Broadway Baby

An idiosyncratic, touching and thought-provoking thing.

– Fest Magazine

Nicklin’s chosen staging is a perfect fit with her qualities as a performer, harnessing her unassuming warmth and humour to craft a piece that is brilliantly approachable.

– Exeunt Magazine

• Hannah Nicklin presents A Conversation with my Father at ARC on Thursday 3 April at 7pm. Tickets are price F: £10 C: £8  and can be purchased here.