Kathryn Beaumont is an actress-for-hire and fledgling theatre maker.
Having trained at University of Cambridge, Live Academy, Newcastle and the Meisner Center, Los Angeles she has returned to the North East to put down personal and artistic roots.
Kathryn is currently ‘in transition’ from passive performer to active artist as she embarks on her first foray into independent theatre making.


Recent theatre work includes:

How to Occupy an Oil Rig with fellow associate artist Daniel Bye at Northern Stage for the Edinburgh Festival.
A Wondrous Place a touring production for Northern Spirit.
Never Rains But it Pours for Labfest at Theatre 503 by Geordie writer Alison Carr.


Kathryn is currently developing her first solo show I Told You This Would Happen which will be previewed at ARC in July 2014.

She will be next appearing at ARC during a tour with Daniel Bye in How to Occupy and Oil Rig March 2014.


Kathryn says,

ARC’s support at this point in my career has enabled me to take control of the type of art I make and the kind of artist I am. By producing I Told You This Would Happen ARC have empowered me to determine the conversation I have with audiences. Being in other people’s work I serve their message, this will give me a chance to define the interaction I have and who I have it with.
In short, ARC have made an artist of me. An associate artist at that.


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