Make some noise at ARC!

We all know that young people like to make noise which is why Yvon Bonenfant will be letting them put their voices to good use and make exciting art from them, while generating enthusiasm for science, music or both at the same time!

Bobolo and Queen Victor the Fabulous are Tongue Wizards, and on Saturday 15 February at ARC, they are going to show young people aged 6 – 11 and the adults just what magical sounds they can unleash with their very own voices.

Developed with the input and opinion of 300 children ULUZUZULALIA has been designed to explore what young voices can do in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Using the English Language, languages of other countries, and some that are completely made up, those entering the glimmering nest of the tongue wizard’s tented kingdom will click and clack and use their whole body to twist and turn to their own sounds, allowing them to explore the anatomy of the voicing body; the differences between human and animal voicing; vibration and sound; and musical concepts like volume (dynamics), pitch, improvisation, pulse, and rhythm.

Young audiences can join Bobolo, Queen Victor and Big Mouth for a romp around the world of their own voice like they’ve have never heard it – or used it – or enjoyed it – before,  in a world where a new vocal discovery and a new vocal sound wait around every corner.

• Yvon Bonenfant presents ULUZUZULALIA – Your Vivacious Voice on Saturday 15 February at 11.30am & 2.30pm. Tickets are F: £6 Family (4 people): £20 and can be purchased here.