March Staff Picks

Take a look at what events ARC staff are most excited for in March:

Holly Gallagher
Young People’s Programme Coordinator
I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Northern School of Art bring to the stage with their first showcase here with us – it’s lovely to see them in the building in this capacity. I’m also really looking forward to CULT OF K*NZO coming here, I’ve seen it before and really enjoyed it. I think Paula is a great performer!

Daniel Mitchelson
Programme Coordinator
In March, the thing I’m most excited about is Adam McKay’s Vice. He’s probably best known for directing pure comedy films like Talladega Nights, but in 2015 he wrote and directed the award-winning, The Big Short, which is a terrific film about the financial crisis in 2007. It was serious and complex, but very funny, and made a subject that a lot of people feel unsure of really accessible. Vice is the follow-up to that film, and reunites him with some of the team from The Big Short – including Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Steve Carell – all of whom are amazing. It’s a film which tells the story of Dick Cheney’s time as Vice President of the United States, and the remarkable untold stories of his time in office. As someone super interested in the US political system, as big fans of the director and cast members – I’m looking forward to catching this one.

Zoe Murtagh
Older People’s Programme Coordinator
What I’m really looking forward to in March is ‘CULT OF K*NZO’ by Paula Varjack. Paula’s work is always colourful, exciting and fun as well as asking important questions about our culture and modern day lives. I’m buzzing for this piece as its set to have a fab soundtrack, lush visuals and an enigmatic and skilled performer.