Measuring up family show at ARC

Half Moon and Theatre Jemilda bring to ARC a magical show which explores children’s relationships to the world througj the concept of height.

The show revolves around its star Hetty’s joy in measuring. And measure she does in feet and hands, sausages and snails.

Her Uncle Magnus travels the world in his hot air balloon, searching for the tallest things he can find, sending her leaves from lofty treetops, snow from the highest mountain and stories of giants and trolls.

Audiences aged 4-8 years old and their family and friends are invited to join Hetty as she explores the world of height and meets an extraordinary new friend. Where does he come from? Why is he here? Is he the tallest boy in the world? All will be revealed in this charming, moving and very funny musical show.

How High uses a modern re-working of a traditional Nordic tale with the help of gentle audience interaction to make sense of Hetty’s upside-down life.

How High is performed in English and a secret troll tongue, with live music and an 8 foot performer who just wants to have a friend to play with.

• Half Moon presents How High? A Theatre Jemilda production at ARC on Sat 10 May at 2.30pm. Tickets are price F: £6 Family (4 people): £20 and can be purchased here.

About Theatre Jemilda
Theatre Jemilda specialises in providing flexible productions that can be performed in schools, village halls and theatres, offering the widest possible access to high quality, original music theatre for young audiences throughout Kent and beyond.
They create work that excites and entertains whilst providing a stimulus for further learning, exploration and play. Working closely with schools, communities and local authorities they provide a range of performance work and supporting events, including workshops, teacher’s packs and short courses.

About Half Moon Theatre
Established in 1990, Half Moon is a local organisation with a national remit, based in Tower Hamlets, East London. The company gives young people from birth to 18 (25 for disabled young people) an opportunity to experience the best in young people’s theatre, both as a participant and as an audience member.
Half Moon’s expertise is in supporting artists and young people at every stage of their creative development, providing a gateway to engagement, offering pathways for progression and experimentation and then disseminating outcomes within the wider cultural sector, through performances, touring productions, open dialogue and continuing professional development.