Mike Edwards standing a beach surrounded by seagulls

Mike is a writer and performer from Teesside. He makes spoken word shows featuring poetry, character comedy and storytelling.

Previous works include The Lives and Deaths of Dominic Statton, The Trials of an Invisible Man, and The Rise and Fall of the Poetry Bandits.

Mike’s most recent show was Damn Seagulls which was performed at ARC and at Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre. Damn Seagulls, when possible, will be performed again at a number of venues across the country and Mike is currently working on a novel and a ‘sequel’ to Damn Seagulls.

Listen to Mike talk to ARC’s Producer, Daniel Mitchelson, about Damn Seagulls:

Mike Edwards stands on stage facing an audience. There is a picture of seagulls projected onto a screen behind him.