Soroush is the Routes North Company for 2014/15 and are creating a brand new show called My Brother’s Country.  The show will tour The Lowry, Theatre in the Mill and ARC in 2015, and Soroush are looking for 4 actors that are up for working on a fast-paced, political and visually beautiful piece of theatre.

“The Middle East is in turmoil; fratricidal civil war and revolution spills out onto the streets. A radical and visionary form of Islam makes its entrance onto the world’s stage.  Fereydoun Farrokhzad; singer, poet and TV icon, seeks refuge in Germany. Ten years later he is found dead in his apartment, a murder the police never solved.  Told with a cinematic physical language, a heightened poetic text and a newly commissioned score by a contemporary electronic composer, this play is about Islam, sexuality and how our world came to be.”

For more information, full casting breakdown and details of how to apply, click here, click here.

Deadline: Thur 4 Dec 2014