Northern School of Art students showcase their work ahead of graduation

A cast of 10 students (most seated, some standing) in rehearsals for the show - they are all looking upwards in the same direction at something out of shot.


A group of friends hire a cabin to celebrate their last night together before they leave home and go their separate ways, but will it be their last night on earth entirely? A life-changing turn of events, a shock announcement and a web of secrets. When the next hour could be your last, what is it that really matters?

When All That’s Left is a co-commission between ARC and The Northern School of Art as part of the two organisations’ ongoing partnership. The piece is created collaboratively by playwright Lucy Curry and third year BA (Hons) Acting for Stage & Screen students supported by students from BA (Hons) Film, TV & Theatre Production. The evening will be an opportunity for the students to showcase their work ahead of graduation in an innovative and dynamic piece of new writing.

Faculty Leader for Stage & Screen Jonny Bussell said ‘This is the third year working with ARC on a co-commission to have a new play written specifically for our graduating acting students.  

The last two years have been really successful with Wildfire Road and Incense & Bleach written by playwright Eve Leigh being a great experience for our students.  We were delighted Lucy agreed to work with us and the play is looking brilliant already.’

Katy Davis (3rd year Acting student) said ‘We have loved being able to work with writer Lucy Curry and director Katy Weir on this brand new project.  It has been fun and collaborative with a multi-faceted storyline.  We have been able to work together during the R&D process, playing with concepts like the fight or flight idea, as well as movement.’

Sarah Webber (3rd year Acting Student) discussed the play saying ‘When All That’s Left is a coming of age play about a group of friends who come together before they move on from college into life.  However, they get news that an asteroid is heading towards them with only a short amount of time left before it hits.  This play explores themes of romance, the LGBTQ+ community, pregnancy, regret, family, and most importantly, unity.’

After graduation Katy says ‘I will be going back to the West Midlands, however splitting my time between there and the North East, due to the amount of creative connections NSOA have given during my time here.  I hope one day to open my own theatre space in the South to offer creative opportunities to up and coming artists and peers in this area.’

Sarah ‘I plan to work in the media sector of a publishing company, with my main role being a presenter, putting the knowledge garnered throughout my time at university into producing short films that promote the materials within the company. I also plan to seek acting opportunities in theatre and film in the North.’

When All That’s Left is on at ARC from Tue 23 – Wed 24 May at 7pm. The production can be attended in person or watched online, and tickets for both options are priced on a Pay What You Decide basis. You can book tickets here.