Political pageantry from some Uninvited Guests

Part town hall meeting, part radio broadcast and part protest, Make Better Please on Wednesday 8 May invites audiences to participate in a unique theatrical exorcism. Drawing material from the day’s newspapers, the company and the audience form a collective ministry, channeling the spirits of corporate fat cats, cabinet ministers and media tycoons, before banishing them forever in a riotous display of dance, music and rage.

With an approach to theatre making that embraces the live experience with a visceral, direct and sometimes intimate audience relationship, Uninvited Guests’ recent work includes the widely celebrated Love Letters Straight From Your Heart  an interactive celebration of love composed of dedications written by the audience, interspersed with songs they have chosen, and the Herald Angel Award (2007) winning It Is Like It Ought To Be: A Pastoral.

• Uninvited Guests present Make Better Please at ARC on Wed 8 May at 7pm. Tickets are priced F: £10 C: £8 and can be purchased here.