PULSE 2018

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Celebrating Youth Dance across the North East

Join us for the seventh PULSE North East Sub Regional platform here at ARC!

PULSE 2018 is a series of events that celebrate the best in youth dance across the region and provide groups with the opportunity to perform in a professional space local to them, be inspired, see each other’s work and acknowledge the talent of young creators and performers.

ARC is working with Dance City and other organisers to deliver PULSE 2018. We are leading on the sub-regional platform for the Tees Valley. We want to present youth dance that is high quality, innovative and ambitious. We accept applications from all groups including groups with disabled dancers. We especially welcome and encourage groups who create dance pieces in genres other than Contemporary Dance, such as urban styles, South Asian dance, Dance of the African Diaspora, even English Folk Dance!

The PULSE 2018 events also offer the opportunity of youth dance progression routes; Groups of young people aged 11 to 19 (and disabled young people up to the age of 25) can opt to be part of a selection process to represent the North East at the Dance City Regional Pulse Platform which follows the Pulse events and then at National level as U.Dance 2018 hosts a celebration festival
At each of the Sub Regional events groups are selected by an independent panel to perform at Dance City’s Regional Pulse Platform and from this event a further two are selected to represent the North East in Birmingham in July. These stages are optional and groups may opt to perform only at their sub regional event if they wish.

In 2018, the Tees Valley Sub-Regional Platform will take place at ARC on Saturday 10 March. If you have a group which you would like to perform at our event, please complete the Confirmation of Interest form here and return it to [email protected] at ARC on or before 10am Thursday 11 January 2017.

Accessibility: We are especially keen to receive applications from groups which include disabled dancers and are working to ensure the festival is inclusive and fully accessible.

To ensure that U.Dance 2018 is accessible there will be an Access Fund for all groups, including disabled young people selected at the regional platforms, to help cover the costs associated with attending the festival. For more info on U.Dance 2018 visit the One Dance UK Website here.

Please note:

• The Dance City Regional Pulse Platform (for selected groups only) will take place on Sat 17th March.
• For groups that are wishing to be considered for the U.Dance National event 2018, groups are to be made up of no more than 20 dancers (it is recommended that groups comprise of no more than 15 dancers as groups of 16 dancers or more will need to have three chaperones instead of two) and dance pieces are to be no longer than 7 minutes.