April 2016

Arctic Piranha Hollywood.jpg

After the success of the first Club Night, Arctic Piranha, and its ‘Snow and Ice’ theme, the planning group wanted to go for something completely different this time and opted for a ‘Hollywood’ themed event, complete with red carpet arrivals, VIP area and special Hollywood Cocktails.

The club was attended by even more people than the first one so we are optimistic that we are reaching more learning disabled people in our publicity. Do help us spread the word though.

The 45 Days to Find My Way group were invited to perform their flash mob, presented on Stockton High Street in February to great acclaim, hot on the success of their video of the event on YouTube. They were absolutely brilliant, and got lots of excellent feedback from people at the club.

Arctic Piranha Hollywood 2.jpg Arctic Piranha Hollywood 4.jpg

Arctic Piranha Hollywood 3.jpg

The amazing Aukestra, a live band consisting of people with and without autism, was invited back and performed a mighty set and this was followed by some of our own Stockton folks getting on the Open Mic karaoke. There was lots of singing and dancing the night away, with many people dressed in their Hollywood best!

Black Robin was on hand to take photos of the night and even interviewed some people about their experiences (hopefully on YouTube soon).

See some of the pictures from the evening on our fantastic photo gallery on Facebook.