Artwork by Fabric Lenny

Below you can find contact details for our staff team. If you’re not sure who the best member of our team is to deal with your enquiry our Box Office team will be happy to help put you in touch with the right person.


Annabel Turpin | Chief Executive and Artistic Director
T: 01642 525181  E: [email protected]

Chloe Lawrence | Programmes Manager
T: 01642 665400  E: [email protected]

Daniel Mitchelson | Producer
T: 01642 665405  E: [email protected]

Sonya Curle | Creative Learning Producer
T: 01642 434174  E: [email protected]

Stephen Laing | Community Programme Coordinator
T: 01642 525186  E: [email protected]

Holly Gallagher | Young People’s Programme Coordinator
E: [email protected]

Holly Blythman | Creative Arts Assistant
T: 01642 665401  E: [email protected]

Lisa Taylor | Projects Manager
E: [email protected]

Paula Clark | Creative Director – What’s On Your Mind
E: [email protected]

Humira Imtiaz | Producer – What’s On Your Mind
E: [email protected]

Amandeep Dhillon | Bigger Picture Programme Manager
E: [email protected]

If you are a theatre company or artist who is interested in being programmed at

ARC, please read our Artistic Policy prior to expressing your interest.

Business and Marketing

Patrick Hollifield | Marketing Manager
T: 01642 525193  E: [email protected]

Louise Wilkin | Deputy Marketing Manager
T: 01642 665408  E: [email protected]

Andrew Goodwill | Marketing Officer
T: 01642 434164  E: [email protected]

Hayley Pink | Marketing Assistant
T: 01642 434171  E: [email protected]

Emily Wilkinson | Marketing Assistant

Simon Shaw | Marketing Assistant

E: [email protected]

Box Office

You can contact our Box Office team by calling 01642 525199 or by emailing [email protected]

Ruth Sanders | Senior Box Office Assistant

Nicola Huckle | Box Office Assistant

Polly Abbott | Box Office Assistant

Alice Byrne | Box Office Assistant

Building and Operations

Shaun Dowd | Operations Manager
T: 01642 525184  E: [email protected]

Alan Gibson | Customer Services Manager
T: 01642 525196  E: [email protected]

Peter Burgon | Technical Manager
T: 01642 525190  E: [email protected]

Nick Hare | Deputy Technical Manager
E: [email protected]

Oliver Davies | Technician
E: [email protected]

Callum Rattray | Technician
E: [email protected]

Bryan Robson | Maintenance Technician
E: [email protected]

Andrew Mellor | Housekeeper

Michael Hardy | Housekeeper

No 60

Cheryl Carter | Catering Manager
E: [email protected]

Reese Harrison | Cafe Bar Assistant
Andrew Stothard | Kitchen Porter

Finance and Administration

Simi Kumar | Finance and HR Manager
T: 01642 525187  E: [email protected]

Cindy Luo | Finance Assistant
T: 01642 525182  E: [email protected]

Ruth Sanders | Cashier

Artists of Change

Lizzie Lovejoy  |  Artist of Change
E: [email protected]

Symoné  |  Artist of Change
E: [email protected]

Lauren Vevers  |  Artist of Change
E: [email protected]

You can find out more about our Artists of Change on the pages below