Star Q&A for Harrigan

Set in 70s west-end Newcastle, Director Vince Wood’s gritty police drama sees hardened Sergeant Harrigan attempting to drag up the morals of his colleagues in an area strewn with gang violence.

After audiences enjoyed the film, they were joined by Director of Photography James McLeer and star of the film Stephen Tompkinson, who had taken a break from his busy filming schedule of DC Banks in Leeds. Screenwriter Arthur Mackenzie, who was due to attend, was unable to make the screening, but his fellow cast and crew members paid homage to the strength of the script, based on Mackenzie’s own experiences in the police force.

Stephen said,

Our ultimate goal was to make a film that would make Arthur happy, and I think that was the main priority for all of us.

He also praised his colleague James, who had the difficult task of lighting a set in the throes of the 1970s blackouts.

It’s not easy to make a set look like it is being lit by candlelight but James did it so well.

In keeping with the 70s era, Cinematographer James explained how old lens were used, and continuos scenes shot to give the film 1970s authenticity.

When questioned about the filming locations, James praised the residents in Hartlepool where they filmed.

They were great. They were happy for us to take down their satelite dishes and have burning cars in their street!

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