Summer theatre and dance picks!

We have programmed a whole host of exciting, funny and topical theatre performances in June and July, which are all priced based on the venue’s iconic pricing policy – Pay What You Decide.

We welcome back Two Destination Language with their show Declining Solo, which looks at the relationship between a father and daughter and the decline of the local industry that surrounds their home in the beautiful Bulgarian countryside.

Highly visual, experimental and laced with humour, Recreation is a dance piece about all of the things that we often do for fun, but some people choose as a career. The show will star one of ARC’s bar staff Jen Chapman who volunteered to perform as one of the un-trained dancers in the piece, and local choreographer and dance enthusiast Matty Campbell will star as a local dance champion.

Upstart theatre bring a preview of Marco, the show they are currently developing which is based on the incredible story of Tour de France champion Marco Pantani. Marco’s life and career was turned upside down after a doping scandal which resulted in his fall from grace and ultimately, his death. Simon Jones who is performing the role of Marco is a keen cyclist, and he cleverly works between his own experiences of competitive racing with Pantani’s.

Disabled playwright Pauline Heath will return with a brand new show as part of ARC’s disabled led Cultural Shift programme. Never Neverland is set after a fictional election where fairy-tale type horrors blend with uncomfortable truths and delivered on stage as stand-up comedy theatre.

The Deranged Poet event which features Hartlepool based poet Kirsten Luckins is described as ‘poetry pecha kucha’ – a cross between a presentation, a performance and a slide show. Themes are explored through various personal and creative perspectives looking specifically at derangement and the female muse.

Mother’s Ruin is Curious celebrates LGBTQ culture with a sensational, cabaret-style alternative variety night celebrating and featuring the cream of emerging and established queer regional performance. Hosted by a glamorous eco-warrior named Timberlina, there will be sets from the dead-pan Fat Roland, Newcastle’s Ginger Johnson and the raw physicality of a world dance piece entitled A Blighted Life by Gavin Coward; as well as short performances from emerging local LGBTQ artists.

All of these events are priced Pay What You Decide, which you can read more about here.

PWYD is a pricing strategy designed to encourage new audiences to try new work. It requires audiences to book in advance, but voluntarily pay an amount determined by them after the show, based on their experience.