A group poem by 45 Days to Find My Way members – we love the ambition in this piece!

The Ledge

The first step
Is difficult
And I want to give up but
I have to do it
To prove them wrong
To prove something to myself.

My second wind
And I climb again
It’s gonna be a long journey.
I try to reach
To where it seems
So far out of reach
But I will never give up

I’m stuck
I want to break free
You’re stuck
Let me break you free
Let it all go
All the heavy stuff
That weighs you down.

What would it be like
I imagine being free
To not have to struggle
to be heard all the time
I imagine
Not being held back.

I see myself looking forward
To the future
When in doubt
You improvise
Each step might seem so hard
Each step might seem so far
Don’t look down.

I will be in the history books one day
As the one who took the steps.
We can beat the mountain
Where each step is like a ledge.

We will be in the history books
One day
As the ones who stood on the ledge
The ones who reached out
Who brought you into our world
Made you welcome
And showed you the way.