What is Left? is a national touring exhibition coming to an empty house in Stockton.

Ellie and Roshana go to participants’ homes and take a portrait of them with an object they have inherited from someone who has died. Ellie and Roshana interview them about their object and this recording forms an audio track. Portrait, audio, text and bespoke armchairs combine to create an immersive environment for the viewer. Working with individuals, community groups and bereavement charities to take the portraits, What is Left? will be exhibited in empty houses across the UK in 2014. The project explores the value we invest in these inherited possessions, both emotional and monetary, and the ways in which these objects mediate our relationships with the dead through memory.


For the exhibition in Stockton, running 10-31 October 2014, we are seeking invigilators to take care of the exhibition during its run, and to be on hand to answer questions about the work for the public. 1 hour of training will be provided for all invigilators. In general, shifts are 4 – 8pm (Tues – Fri) or 2 – 7pm (Sat – Sun).

The role

The audio content is run off mp3 players and headphones, which will need charging each night and the public will need support to select the correct audio track for each portrait. The house will generally need to be kept tidy, and invigilators should encourage audiences, where appropriate, to leave feedback for the artists in the comments book, or to join the Grief Series mailing list.


Invigilators will be paid at a rate of £6.50 per hour and will need to invoice for payment.

If you are interested in being considered for the role, please email [email protected].