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An animated documentary telling the true story about a man’s need to confront his past in order to truly have a future. Amin arrived as an unaccompanied minor in Denmark from Afghanistan. Today, at 36, he is a successful academic and is getting married to his long-time boyfriend. A secret he has been hiding for over 20 years threatens to ruin the life he has built for himself. For the first time, he is sharing his story with his close friend.

In Danish, English, Dari, Russian, and Swedish with English subtitles.

  • BBFC Ratings Information

    injury detail

    There is brief live-action footage of real warfare, including sight of people with bloody injuries and of a dead body lying in a large pool of blood.

    sexual violence and sexual threat

    A flashback scene shows male police officers climbing into the back of a van where a young woman is restrained; it is implied that the men then subject her to sexual violence, but this occurs entirely off screen.

    A man recounts his harrowing experiences of attempting to reach Northern Europe as a child refugee, including a dangerous sea crossing, police violence, and threats of violence from human traffickers. There is infrequent use of strong language (‘f**k’); milder terms include ‘piss’, ‘bastard’ and ‘damn’. There are infrequent moderate references to homophobia, but discrimination is not condoned. There are also brief references to a man’s boyfriend having threatened to report the man’s illegal immigration status to police.