This week Joseph Casling will be at ARC working on his show Conked Out.

Conked Out is a high-octane circus/theatre hybrid show created and performed by Joseph Casling. The show follows Conkers the Clown, who fails in every aspect of his life and is sent to therapy with B.R.I.A.N the Behavioural Readjustment Intelligence Android and Neurotherapist; where he must be cured or else…

In this epic clowning adventure, Casling explores themes of mental health, isolation, burnout and self-worth, all the while using his clowning abilities to tell us the story between a clown and his supercomputer therapist.

“Did I Forget To Mention? Patient 190371 Is A Clown, Literally and Figuratively Speaking.” (B.R.I.A.N, 2021)

About Joseph Casling

Joseph Casling is an actor, theatre-maker and clown from County Durham, who has spent the majority of his life working in Teesside. Studying BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen and MA Directing and Theatre Making at the Northern School of Art, Joseph often creates work that centres around the human psyche that is performed in a circus/theatre hybrid.

In 2021 Joseph received the ARC Award for his solo show Conked Out. This ACE funded show explores themes of loneliness, burnout and self-worth while juggling the monumental task of being a comedy.