Girls, girls, girls is a new and emotive show from Uncaged Aerial Theatre. Each performer has delved into their personal experience and have asked themselves “What is it like to be a woman?”

What pressures do we feel from society, or is it pressure from ourselves?

What effect does this have on us, and can we break free from these boundaries?

3 women, 3 solos, 3 experiences.

Uncaged Aerial Theatre – Emma Bloomfield, Sarah Dobbs and Rosie Vleugels – is a female-led aerial theatre company. Founded in 2019, they specialise in combining high level aerial with impactful stories. We’re delighted to have them in residency at ARC this week, developing their new show.  

While they’re here, they would love to invite you to an informal Open Rehearsal on Thursday 31 March between 1pm and 4pm if you’d like to see what they’re up to! You’re welcome to come and go as you please during this time.

Emma Bloomfield

Emma started her professional aerial career in 2009, and toured with a traditional big top before returning to the North East. She continued to improve her skill set, completed Gravity Circus Centre professional course in 2017 and received a number of solo commissions including creating and performing at Sunderland Tall Ships 2018 (Emma was a finalist for Performing Artist of the Year at The Journal Culture Awards for this act).

Sarah Dobbs

Sarah is an aerialist, published author, and creative writing lecturer at Sunderland University. She completed My Aerial Home professional course in 2018 and has had a number of solo commissions. Her background in storytelling has been a big influence on Uncaged’s work.

Rosie Vleugels

Rosie is an aerialist and personal trainer. She completed the Gravity Circus Centre professional course in 2019 then returned to the North East to continue her Personal Training career. Rosie’s approach to health and wellbeing is a big influence in Uncaged’s workshops and intensive that they run for the North East aerial community.

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