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This week we have Unfolding Theatre in residency at ARC, doing research and development for Night Classes, a new show for 2023-24.

An immersive theatre show inspired by disabled people’s insights, Night Classes questions the goal of independence. It challenges the guilt and sense of failure often felt when we ask for help. Wouldn’t we all be better off if we celebrated inter-dependence instead?

Audiences will journey through playful learning experiences. They might learn to grow their own, make soup and navigate using the night sky. However, the journey of learning how to be self-sufficient is interrupted. Things break. Repairing broken bowls introduces ideas of failure and rebuilding. It recognises our need for inter-dependence. The experience culminates by celebrating what we gain by needing each other.

During their week at ARC, Unfolding Theatre want to generate creative writing, music and sound design to inspire their first draft of what Night Classes might be.

They want to engage with community groups at ARC to explore what inter-dependence means to them. They plan to deliver ‘learning exchanges’ where people can share their skills and top tips. This hopes to spark conversations about inter-dependence with local people to inspire their creative process.

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