Winning show to the highest bidder

What do we do when something repeatedly sells out? We wait until that valuable something is firmly within our grasp, allowing its worth to briefly permeate our eager mitts, and then we hock it on eBay.


That is precisely what theatre maker Daniel Bye is doing. As the 100th performance of solo show The Price of Everything looms, Daniel has taken the decision, in the true nature of the show, to put in on eBay. Having twice toured the UK with his performance lecture on value, the proceeds of this imminent online frantic bidding battle will be going to charity.


Within each performance’s duration Daniel drinks milk, encourages his audience to drink milk, and hands over a £20 note in a brown envelope to one lucky and unsuspecting audience member, all while presenting a comic and provocative debate about the difference between the price of an object and its value.


By his 100th show, Daniel will have downed 100 pints of milk, his audience, providing they are not lactose intolerant, would have consumed 1,311 pints of milk (46 cows worth to give you a receptacle visual) and he would have given away £2,000.


The anticipated 100th performance will be taking place in the second half of January 2014, and whilst worldwide bids are not excluded, bidders from overseas will need to factor in travel and accommodation. The winning bid will secure the 100th performance of The Price of Everything in a venue of their choice from a theatre to their living room, but as it will be in the depths of winter, a venue with four walls and a roof would be especially welcomed.


• The auction will go live on Sunday 1 December at 7pm and finish on Sunday 7 December. You can follow its progress by liking Dan’s facebook page or following him on twitter.