154 Ways to Make an Orange Dog

It’s a lot simpler than it sounds – the 154 Collective are evolving theatre: They are taking the average night out at the theatre and super-sizing it. This isn’t just a night of playwrights, directors and actors; it’s a night of traditional artists, digital artists, photographers, musicians and filmmakers. This is an evening of moving and quirky theatre sandwiched by an immersive exhibition and an intimate music gig. They all come together to present Dancing with the Orange Dog; an evening all about stories, why we tell them and why we sometimes turn them into shaggy dogs.

Collaboration – it’s the latest buzz word. The arts world is being encouraged to collaborate with each other, to expand opportunity, to test boundaries, and often to save money. And too often these collaborations are simply on paper and given lip-service. The Routes North scheme sought to break this trend, from the starting point of collaboration across three leading venues (The Lowry – Salford, ARC – Stockton, and Theatre in the Mill – Bradford) that came together to choose a production they would mentor, champion, and present. In selecting the 154 Collective they found an eclectic team of established international artists from right across the arts world coming together to create theatre in a truly new way: script ideas are turned into music, the music is turned into drawings, the drawings are layered with photography, the photographs are turned into films, the films are turned into sound files, and on and on.

Dancing with the Orange Dog promises to be a night at the theatre like none you have experienced. If you like plays you’ll love this, if you like art you’ll love this, if you like music you’ll love this. And after you’ve loved it you can purchase original pieces of art and music to take away with you.

There are only 6 performances for you to get the 154 experience. If I were you I’d get my tickets fast.

The 154 collective provides a fantastic platform for the fusing of art forms and the development of new experiences. The work that emerges from our collaborative approach always surprises me. It’s always looking forward, it’s always engaging and it’s peppered with equal measures of intrigue, mystery and clarity.

Fabric Lenny – Artist and Serial Collaborator

• 154 Collection present Dancing With The Orange Dog at ARC on Tues 12 & Wed 13 Feb at 6.30pm. Tickets are priced F: £8.50 C:£6.50 and can be purchased here.