A game of balance

November 1976. A military jet arrives in London and a bemused looking Iranian man in flares steps on to the tarmac. He holds a single suitcase and blinks in this new land.

Unknown to airport officials, he has smuggled in the last of his opium supply, and brings with him a complicated past from a culture which doesn’t slot very neatly into this one.

Over the next few years his attempts to comprehend the differences between his past and his present will lead to jumping out of hotel windows, introducing backgammon to London bars, facing the terror of the National Front and stopping trains with his bare hands.  It will also lead to broken hearts, secret loves and multiple children.

Fusing drama, breathtaking acrobatics, live music and puppetry, So & So Circus tell the true story of this extraordinary man and his life lived without a safety net.

Electrifying!” Liz Aratoon,

The Stage

… an exquisite harmony of acrobatics, storytelling and music …

Ella Parry Davies, Exeunt Magazine

So & So tell stories using acrobatics, creating full length acrobatic theatre shows, as well as shorter acts for cabarets and events. They visited ARC in October 2012 when they were cast in Stumble danceCircus’ show, Box of Frogs. So & So won the Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award for Circus in 2007 and were shortlisted for Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2010.

• So & So Circus Theatre present Backgammon For Beginners at ARC on Thur 7 Feb at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced F: £10 C: £8 and can be purchased here.