4 Questions with Senior Teesside University Lecturer Ben Lamb

Senior Lecturer Ben Lamb exclusive event of British Police and its History

We’re so excited to have Dr. Ben Lamb from Teesside University joining us in our cinema on Thursday 8 February for his event You’re Nicked: Investigating British TV Police Series. Based on his book of the same name, he’ll be discussing all things British TV police series and genre’s history,  with archive footage from some of the nation’s best-loved shows to help tell the story, and give viewers the chance to really appreciate the subject matter.

Ahead of Ben bringing the event to ARC we had a chance to catch up with him, and ask some questions about what people can expect from the event.

1.In brief, what is your event You’re Nicked: Investigating British TV Police Series about ?

A walk down memory lane comprising of nothing other than the most popular television drama genre to hit our television screens. In only one and a half hours we will race through 80 years of television from Dixon of Dock Green to Line of Duty with cinematically projected clips of the most exhilarating television ever made from each decade. Not to mention some insightful behind-the-scenes stories and gossip surrounding each production, told here for the first time.

2. How long have you been investigating British police television series in your work?

10 years. There is A LOT of television to get through, believe you me. Not that I’m complaining!

3. Why should people come to your event at ARC?

Even if you’re the first ever human to have never enjoyed British television crime drama you will still be stimulated by the history, enamoured by some of the best car chase sequences, inspired by the bravery of real and fictional police alike, and amused by plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to discuss too.

4. From the crime shows you have mentioned, what would you say would be a highlight/favourite show of yours?

My favourite decade for police series would have to be the 1990s. Rising dissatisfaction which violent crime rates escalating year on year since the mid 1970s resulted in some of the most terrifying yet gripping dramas on our screens. Cracker is a personal favourite of mine for really pushing boundaries.

However I do have soft spot for The Cops. It feels only yesterday that the programme’s signature handheld Jason Bourne-style shaky cameras dragged the British police procedural kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century – starkly daring to suggest, as it did, that some coppers and detectives may well play fast and loose with the law. Despite running for three series and wining the BAFTA for best drama series in 1998 and in 1999 it has completely slipped from public consciousness. Do you remember it? Come to my screening to find out more!

Ben Lamb presents: You’re Nicked: Investigating British TV Police Series will be taking place at ARC on Thursday 8 February. Book your tickets here