A taste of Africa comes to No 60 at ARC

Staff from Middlesbrough’s Café Nobia will be cooking up a storm at ARC’s No 60 cafe on Monday 22 February as part of a Ghanaian Taster Night, so why not come and have a taste of some delicious authentic West African food.

Nobia Deprez, whose family hails from Ghana, owns Café Nobia on Middlesbrough’s Marton Road. She has concocted a selection of authentic dishes for a special Ghanaian Taster Night, as part of No 60’s monthly food event programme.

The evening will consist of authentic Ghanaian music, and dishes will include curried goat with jollof rice, caramelised plantains and some very special ‘pockets’, which are similar to pasties but made with bread to a secret family recipe.

This is the first African-inspired food event that No 60 has organised and ARC’s staff are hoping the public will come along and try something new.

A spokesperson for ARC commented: “There has already been a lot of interest in The Ghanaian Taster Night and the food is wonderful and very tasty and not too spicy – Ghanaian food is focused a lot around hearty stews and light spices, which give lots of flavour. We are delighted that our food events have become so popular since our first Spanish Night last September, and we’re predicting that this one will be just as successful”.

Nobia visited ARC this week to hold a food stall, which gave the venue’s staff and customers a taste of what to expect. All the food and drink, which included homemade bottles of root ginger juice and delicious ginger sorrel juice, sold out within just a few hours.

Nobia said: “I am really excited for the Ghanaian Celebration at No 60. I will be bringing a real taste of Ghana to Stockton, and I’m really looking forward to seeing people try my food, especially if they have never tried African food before!

“I will be cooking up some special dishes such as curried goat and jollof rice and ‘pockets’, which are a bit like pasties, but Ghanaian style; they sold out straight away when I brought some tasters along to ARC!

“I’ve already taken some of my special bottled drinks and sauce, which I create at the café to No 60, for customers and staff to try. My ginger flavoured drink which uses 100% natural root ginger is quite hot – the staff got a nice surprise when they tried it! It will be great to meet new people and introduce them to some really delicious food.”

The Ghanaian Taster Night takes place at ARC’s No 60 cafe on Monday 22 February at 7pm. Tickets cost £15 and can be booked here.