An ARC Board Member's Experience

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We are currently accepting applications to join our Board of Trustees. To give you a flavour of the role our board play, we asked Kate Craddock, one of our Trustees, to share some insights from her experience.


I have been on the Board of Trustees at ARC since 2012, and during that time I have witnessed some phenomenal achievements within the organisation. As a Trustee, I am very proud that the impact of ARC’s work is felt not only in the local community in which it is embedded in Stockton and the Tees Valley, but also nationally and internationally.

It is a privilege to be on a Board that can support so many pioneering approaches to opening up opportunities for artists, participants and audiences across so many art forms. Whether it is the multiple models for working collaboratively with other venues that ARC has established; initiatives such as Staying Out; or the Pay What You Decide ticketing model that ARC applies to much of its theatre programme, ARC is a forward thinking, generous and open organisation.

Every time I visit I am struck by the enthusiasm and friendly attitude of everyone working there, and how welcome every individual visitor who walks into the building is made to feel.

Certainly, one of the things I enjoy most about being on the Board is getting to know the ARC staff team. As a Board member, I come into regular contact both formally and informally with staff and ARC’s Associate Artists. Recently I took part in a Diversity Training Day with staff members from across the organisation, and this gave me great insight into the fabulous rapport between colleagues, and the sense of pride that the team have towards their roles.

Something I think that ARC does exceptionally well is provide career development opportunities within the organisation. This means that staff are hugely collegiate and supportive of one another. It is also great when a staff member attends a Board meeting, and they can see directly for themselves the level of detail and care with which the Board considers every aspect of ARC’s work. This makes for a great relationship between the staff and the Board.

There is no doubt that ARC is the extraordinary Arts Centre that it is today because of the committed team who work there, and the brilliant leadership of Annabel Turpin.

It is a privilege to be part of the organisation.


Opportunity to join ARC’s Board of Trustees

ARC is currently seeking new Board members to act as charity trustees for the company who share our commitment to the values and aims of ARC. Applications close at 10am on Mon 4 Nov. You can find out more about joining ARC’s board here.