Chew the Fat with Selina Thompson

In an age where ‘fat’ is a dirty word, performance artist Selina Thompson has made a show just about that – fat. Part theatre, part stand up, part raucous romp into Selina’s life as on overweight woman, Chewing the Fat is coming to ARC Stockton for three shows only.
Selina invites you to her own version of a midnight feast: somewhere between the confessions made over coffee at weight watchers, and the sloppy drunken storytelling of a 3am kebab. Chewing the Fat is a powerful and extremely open portrayal of how we live with our bodies, on both the days when they are beautiful, and the days when they are a burden.

It felt like there was a gap, that there was a truth about being fat that body positivity wasn’t covering, and that beauty conventions shut out: so I tried to make something that questioned those issues honestly. Honest conversations about our bodies are so loaded, and difficult to have: it’s a real mess.

This isn’t your usual touring show. Selina will be resident in Stockton for two weeks prior to performing. Whilst here, she will be leading a variety of workshops with Stockton residents: teenagers, young mums, weight loss club attenders and nursing home residents. The workshops will encourage participants to talk about their bodies and food stories; the good, the bad, and the really funny.

Come and pay Selina a visit, you might even get a KitKat out of it…

• Selina Thompson presents Chewing The Fat on Thu 14 & Fri 15 Nov at 7pm (Thur) 2pm & 7pm (Fri). Tickets are F: £10 C: £8 and can be purchased here.