Child-free and steadfast

In an article by the New Statesmen which refers to child-free women as the “Unicorns of Society”, Vagenda Magazine editors Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter explore outdated views of women who choose not to procreate.

Kate’s stand-up show, Good Breeding re sets the biological clocks to zero and sets off on a funny, thoughtful quest through one of the most complicated questions of modern life.

While the New Statesmen article considers the implications of having children, “… the lifetime cost of raising a child in the UK is now £222,458, which is a hell of a lot of luxury holidays and stiff gins down the drain”, Kate reveals that it’s never too late to decide whether you want to have children – even if you have already got them.

Unicorns, flour babies and cocker spaniels help along the way, as Good Breeding asks the question of whether not wanting to be a Mum makes you selfish or sane.

• Kate Fox presents Good Breeding on Wednesday 27 November at 8pm. Tickets are F: £10 C: £8 and can be purchased here.