Comedy and Controversy with Paul Chowdhry

He’s wowed millions of comedy fans as a star of BBC1’s Live at the Apollo and as a fearless host of Channel 4’s Stand Up for The Week.

Now comic Paul Chowdhry is returning to ARC with his brand new show, PC’s World on Saturday 3 May.

Never afraid to shy away from controversy, it’s easy to see why some top comedy critics have compared Paul to the legendary Richard Pryor.

But, despite the acclaim, Paul is quick to describe the rush he gets from live stand-up above all else.

It’s like no other experience, I’ve done plays before in Edinburgh, and they’re great, but nothing beats stand-up. It’s simply the purest art form.The great thing about live comedy is that during those two hours you’re onstage, absolutely anything can happen.

Paul, a well-deserved winner of the LAFTA Funniest Stand-Up Award last year, has headlined the International Indian Kings of Comedy tour, Of PC’s World, his biggest tour to date, Paul says,

The show explores those things we think but don’t dare say out loud. We might be thinking ‘he’s an idiot,’ but we won’t say it. We don’t say what we mean. We live in a PC World where things on TV are censored. We’re adults, but we’re so heavily censored in the media it’s almost offensive. So on stage I want to say what I mean – with no fear of censorship. I’m going to say the type of things I want to say but can’t usually because they’re not PC. I’m not saying it in black and white. I’m saying it through jokes. Of course I want people to think – but above all I want them to laugh their heads off.

  • Paul Chowdhry presents PC’s World at ARC on Sat 3 May at 8pm. Tickets are priced F: £14 here.