Going solo

Part voyage of self-discovery, part trip down memory lane (via a pit-stop on a desert island), One starts with lonely silence and ends in a disco for everyone.

Jaye likes to think of herself as independent, capable. She grew up as an only child, raised by a single Mother.  As a child she happily spent hours playing by herself.

I talked to myself a lot. I developed a vibrant imaginary life. With One I wanted to explore that as an adult. To learn what kind of performance maker I really am. I also wanted to explore the intimate relationship with an audience that a solo performer has. It was all new ground for me. I’ve never made a solo show before. That was the thrill and the danger.

As a single woman in her thirties Jaye is aware that people probably have certain pre-conceived ideas about her life. One playfully pokes at the stereotypes and expectations we place upon ourselves and celebrates the greatest relationship we can ever have. The one we have with ourselves.

One has been developed slowly over a year and has had a number of scratch performances at The Carriageworks Theatre, ARC, Stockton Arts Centre, Transform at West Yorkshire Playhouse and First in Three at Northern Stage in Newcastle.
Described by audiences as, “Huge amounts of fun”, One is a funny, uplifting performance about being alone and not being lonely.

Wonderful, clever warm show on being alone but not lonely last night. Highly recommend @ kearneyjaye “One” to all human.

– @katefoxwriter

I think anyone would feel safe up there with you.

– Audience feedback from First in Three, Northern Stage

Such a highly innovative, creative, energetic and immersive experience. I would deffo recommend this show to anyone.

– Audience feedback from Hatch: A better tomorrow, Embrace Arts

• Jaye Kearney presents One at ARC on Thur 1 May at 7pm. Tickets are price F: £10 C: £8 and can be purchased here.