Fly to India for the night!

Coming to ARC on 21 May, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen is a new spoken word show from poet and performer Kirsten Luckins that will whisk audiences back in time and across oceans to her travels in India.

The one-hour show promises audiences a journey to India through the eyes of a backpacker trying to move through culture shock and towards self-discovery. From the seedier side of the ‘90s Goa rave scene, to the strange and mystical city of Varanasi, we journey alongside the narrator as she meets a host of characters from hippies to holy men, from the legendary Eight-Finger Eddy to the mythical warrior-goddess Durga. Using poetry, true stories and music, this show asks us how we put our identities together, again?

You can meet Kirsten Luckins, who has just been nominated for a Saboteur Award for Best Spoken Word Show, online at, where she will be posting additional poems and stories plus occasional writing prompts. Kirsten says,

I would love to hear from anyone who has their own experiences of travelling, and am hoping to share the blog with other people’s poems.

  • Kirsten Luckins presents The Moon Cannot Be Stolen at ARC on Wed 21 May at 7pm. Tickets are priced F: £8.50 C: £6.50 and can be purchased here.


Audience feedback

The piece took me on a journey, and I was a willing and enthralled passenger.

Warm and intimate storytelling – really engaging – clear characters – felt like there was only us in the room.

Beautiful performance. A lovely warm wash of language.

Delicious language. Interesting subject. Engaged audience from the start. Appeared to go to India whilst talking and took the audience with you.

Beautiful spell binding rhythm and delivery in a warm voice that draws you in, superb imagery.

Wonderful flow and spirit to your voice which really allowed us to travel to where your words took us.

LOVED THIS – totally mesmerising performance – was hooked!