Here's a taste of autumn's Drama, Dance and Spoken Word programme!

Grumpy grandads, suspicious neighbours, imaginary cities and powerful stories of hope and freedom are just a taste of what to expect from our upcoming autumn season of drama, dance and spoken word shows.

Grow Up Grandad from Teesside based playwright Gordon Steel returns for the second year in a row after incredible feedback from audiences, this is your second chance to see why Poppy’s relationship with her grumpy grandad made audiences laugh and cry in equal measure. 

If you love going to gigs then FANS is a performance you shouldn’t miss. Based on people’s love affair with music, this show fuses together music fan confessions (and some not so true stories) with scripted drama, raucous live music, stand-up comedy and verbatim theatre.

The Lamp Post Petition is a look at what it means to grow older in today’s society. Asking what can your body do now that it won’t be able to do in 50 year’s time, as well as questioning and celebrating the way we share stories of our loved ones.

With felt-tip pens, and his ex-girlfriend’s overhead projector, Scott Turnbull takes us on a journey through space and time in Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go?. Cartoon, fiction, parable, fairy-tale and farce all combine spectacularly in this hilarious show.

What would you do with 205 billion pounds? Nuketown is a storytelling and protest art project to build a brand new model city from Lego, equal in value to the proposed Trident submarine replacement programme. Jack Dean invites you to hear an epic tale and you even have the chance to contribute ideas for the new city.

Powerful and topical, Tanja looks at the realities of being an asylum seeker in Britain today. Love and loss transform into hope and freedom in this incredible performance.

When Guillain Barré Syndrome affected Adam Pownall it caused full paralysis within days. Getting Better Slowly tells Adam’s inspiring story of recovery through new writing, sound and movement.

All of ARC’s upcoming drama, dance and spoken word performances, excluding Grow Up Grandad, are based on a Pay What You Decide basis.

Take a look at all of our upcoming Drama, Dance and Spoken Word performances here