Indigo Moon shines a light on Jungle Book

Jungle Book on tells a story that harkens back to the poetry and spirit of Rudyard Kipling’s original books.

Fearless and free, Mowgli the ‘ man-cub ‘ finds fun and friendship despite learning to live by the Law of the Jungle. Mowgli’s daring adventures in the dangerous world he inhabits, are brought to life by Indigo Moon Theatre with inventive shadow theatre, original music and colourful digital projection.

A contemporary tale: the eternal quest for love, identity and belonging.

Indigo Moon’s shows and educational work are inspired by both traditional and contemporary techniques. They aspire to making seamless shows which allow the audience to enter another world and leave this one behind for the duration of the performance and seek opportunities within their shows to appeal at different levels to different ages, and, in keeping with tradition, to communicate as well as entertain.

Traditional puppets from around the world such as Indonesian Wayang Golek (rod puppets), Wayang Kulit (shadow puppets), translucent shadow puppets from South India and Rajasthani string puppets (kathputli) have all inspired the work of Indigo Moon.

• Indigo Moon presents Jungle Book at ARC on Sat 15 Mar at 11.30am & 2.30pm. Tickets are F: £6 Family (4 people): £20 and can be purchased here.