Silver serenade from singers and ukulele

Throughout the year, on a weekly basis, dozens over the age of 50 participate in ARC’s “Silver programme”, a range of classes and workshops from the newly popular Ukulele to firm favourite that is Silver Singers. So popular is the latter, that a new class was created on a Friday, in order to welcome new participants and provide variation for the activity.

Often performing for the benefit of those visiting the cafe bar during the festive season, now the Silver Singers and Silver Ukulele groups will be taking a more formal step in their performance agenda, as they star in an evening of entertainment dedicated entirely to their talents.

Expect singing, ukulele-ing, as the groups grace the Theatre stage to serenade audiences in this musical showcase and a gallery presenting the artistic abilities of Silver Creative Arts. The evening will be a celebration of the fabulous flair displayed by members of ARC’s Silver activities.

“Singing lifts the spirits- even if you think you can’t sing- come along and enjoy the experience- you will find yourself surrounded by friends” Gladys Baker

“We may hit a few wrong notes or forget some words, but we really enjoy ourselves and hope you do too” Denise Craggs

“Love it. Hard work but very enjoyable” Beryl Walsh

“Have fun, work hard, enjoy performing.” Bryan Rushton.

  • ARC will presenting an Evening with Silver Singers on Thur 20 Mar at 7pm. Tickets are F: £3 and can be purchased here. For more information on classes and activities available for those over 50, please click here.